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Sexually attracted to cars?
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I get aroused when I think about or am near certain cars... and I think about kissing and licking them and it gets me all hot. I know guys like their cars but I'm female. Is this normal??
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Well, i don't know if it's 'normal' per say, but there was a documentary on it so you're not the only one, at least. I think it's called mechaniphilia or something like that.
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You're not the only one and, though kinky, it's not abnormal. I love the shape of some compact cars and adore the look of their "faces", mostly from the headlights. Certain compact cars like a VW Golf or a Ford Focus will make me want to kiss them and run my hands affectionately all over their sleek metallic bodies. It's nice to hear from a woman about this fetish!
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Does backhoe loaders count as mechaniphilias?
Everytime I see one of these things, my clit stands at attention and all I want to do is to stroke and kiss it's yellow surfaces, getting on the backhoe part of the backhoe loader and humping it. These things have been a real turn-on when I first started seeing them in 1960 and still is. Try not to look at them because I know what they do to me.
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Most paraphilias (especially involving non-living objects) are the most healthiest because we don't have to get consent to be sexually intimate with the object. Well, sometimes mechaniphiliacs and others like those who are sexually aroused by events or situations like to get consent--whether they respond back or not.

While I am not a sexologist, psychologist or expert in human sexuality, I do work at a sex library and archives. I come across everything. There are books out there that detail how to have sex *in* cars and one blog entry I uncovered about how a man having sex with a tailpipe of his car, but so far no women making documentation of their actions. I'm curious to do researching.

Anyhow, it only becomes "deviant" ("wrong") when you cross boundaries, mores and norms. Typically what the mental health community consider these top four as philias which involve "recurrent,sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors generally [of]:

1.Non-human objects
2.The suffering or humiliation of oneself or one's partner
4.Non-consenting persons."

--American Pscyhological Association
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Some cars are pretty hot. I've never wanted to lick or make out with a car! But i do find some cars sexy. If anyone says that an Alfa Romeo 8C isn't sexy, they are out of their mind!
Take a look at the original Ferarri GT California. Pure beauty! Mercedes SL65 AMG - automotive pornography!
I love cars and driving so I can keep going for quite some time, but I won't!

PS: Can i take you out on a date? :D
I like girls who like cars.
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I believe they actually have a name for this but I forget what it is called. What I am wondering how that would work do you shove it in the exhaust.
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