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Shaky Hands
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Every once in a while when I am holding something in my left hand, I can see that my hand is really shaky. It's almost as if I have Parkinson's or something. But, its only my left hand, my right hand is completely steady. The intensity of the shake also varies from time to time. I really noticed it tonight when I was trying to hold a piece of paper to read something and it was shaking so bad I had to switch it to my right hand. nothing else on my body shakes, only my left hand from time to time. It might be shaking a lot tonight because I strained my left forearm lifting weights, but even on other days, it'll still shake, but not as bad. Is it possible to have something like parkinson's only effect one arm? I am 24 years old, and I shouldn't have a problem steadying my hand. Is this normal?
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I don't know if it could be a health problem or not. Sometimes stress makes little things on your body react in different ways. Some people's eyes twitch, others' have shaky hands...
I would ask my doctor to be sure.
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lol aussie
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This happens to me too. Did you find out anything? I'm 34 and healthy.
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i have this all the time but after seeing a docotor they say its caused by an anxiety disorder
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I have the SAME problem just started with me today. It kind of freaked me out. Then I remembered I have anxiety problems... This probably plays a big role in it. I drink here and there but not enough for me to start shaking. I also drink caffeniated drinks weekly... Probably a combination. Pretty certain anxiety plays a strong role, though.
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next time your hand starts shaking, grab hold of ya cock and enjoy.
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I drink too much. How much you drink, fool?? *I'm like Mr.T, only white.** And even Mr.T gets the shakes when he all juiced up on hooch.
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