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Shit fetish
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I have an obsessive fetish with shit. i love shit. whenever i see shit i get aroused. sometimes i get my shit and sniff it and i feel like in heaven. if theres corn bits in it, i pick it and eat it. when there's nuts, it's even better. i even like to rub it all over my body and smooth it out onto my hair. god i love shit. at my old school i used to paint the walls with my shit. when i sleep, i dream of rolling around in dog shit. i love shit. normal?
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Comments (4)
dont you have anything better to do thasn post this fake shit?
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FINALLY! Someone knows how to create a good, funny fake story! Very nice!!!
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thats arousing i love to nipple on toilet tissue fresh out the ass. then pluck my ass hair and sniff it and lick it.
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Bravo. What a tale. Got anything else?
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