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Shooting my load over my face
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Is it normal to shoot cum all the way onto your own face when you jerk off? I do it all the time and actually don't mind the taste of it in my mouth. Some girls love watching me shoot over my face too!
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Not very friendly!

"that's not normal - its sick! cum is disgusting you fag!"

so if cum is so disgusting then I assume you hate yourself for making it?

Cutting off your balls would be a good start.
You breeding frightens me!
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@: Poster.
You don't state your age and that is quite relevant to the answers to this question.

At 18 I could cover the width of a room with some to spare.
At 30 I could hit the ceiling when laid on my bed.
At 40 I could reach my face.
At 50 I gave up checking.
At 60, I stil knock a good few out every week but they don't have enough money for long distance so don't travel that far!

Your sperm is pushed out by muscle contractions. The younger you are the harder they contract.

Hope that helps.
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You would you puff. She's been dead 20 years. Always knew you were into shagging the dead! Would that be because you are dead from the neck up?
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Normal....? Of course,,I've been trying to get that right for years.
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that's not normal - its sick! cum is disgusting you fag!
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You base your judgement on experience I assume???
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OMG . u SO need EDUCATING m8 ! if u think doing that is gay then u need HELP .... FAST ! .... BTW . it.s VERY well known that ppl like U who slag off & call OTHERS gay r usualy bi/gay THEIRSELVES ! but they cant HANDLE it so take 2 abusing OTHERS ! .... UR the 1 who needs HELP m8 !!!!!!!!!! come out ur closet . no 1 will wrry abt it ! & DONT abuse others just cuz U have.nt done something ! i bet ur fingers up ur arse when wanking but u wld.nt ever ADMIT it ! U SAD BASTARD ! GET EDUCATED & GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!!!
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