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Should a dude wear an undershirt under a sweater?
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Should I be wearing an undershirt under my sweater? I do, my friend doesn't, we don't know anyone else who wears sweaters.
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Yes, you should...for many reasons. Layering keeps you warmer. If you get too warm, you can remove the sweater if you have an undershirt...if not, you're screwed. An undershirt protects the sweater so you can wear it a few times between washing (sweaters can't take the abuse of washing and drying as often as your regular clothes can). Some styles require an undershirt (button down, v neck, cardigan, loose knits, etc).
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It is all a matter of opinion and it is probably half and half of those that do and those that don't. Some sweaters can be a little itchy against the skin so it predicates the wearing of a shirt or tshirt. It is totally up to you and what you wish to wear as it is for me because I, more often than not, dress up as a woman and I care not what others may or may not think.
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I do wear an undershirt with my sweater its a personal preference but lots of my friends and people I know don't they don't like the extra layer or find that the fabric rubs. Its normal to wear or not wear something under your sweater as its all about personal preference.
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I gone out with nothing but a sweater before but you better hope no one asks you to remove it.
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Wow. In a town of two sweaters....This boring post was bourne
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