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Should i stop wearing panties?
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I like the feeling of being nude around my own house,even around my parents and siblings.But should i wear skirts and no panties?
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Yes. Your boyfriend will love you for it.
I know I would if I was your boyfriend.
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It's completely normal to want to be nude around your own house, it's a comfort zone, but dont wear skirts and no panties around your siblings or parents or let alone anyone you wouldn't want to see your vagina, as accidents may happen or you may be too comfy while sitting and it might show, do it with anything but a skirt.
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I wear panties all the time but then I am only a pretend girl. Were I you, I would probably wear a skirt and no panties and I am sure my boyfriend would love it.
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Stop stifling yourself. Vaginas need freedom.
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Only sluts don't wear underwear.
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I jerk off naked
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I think its normal. I like to be naked as well and when I go out with Hubby often I don't wear anything under my skirts. It feels so sexy to me.
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I don't live at home but I don't wear them unless I have my period and even then I dread every second of it and can't wait to finally breathe again.
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Why not? I think it is pretty convenient when girls go that way.
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