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Shower masterbating
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Everytime I get in the shower and I always feel like masterbating. I do it so much Its became a habit. Is this normal? And if so how can I masterbate in different ways. Please help me!
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Are you m/f?
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What are other ways to masterbate in the shower?
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Never masturbated in the shower before. I like to keep Sally 5 fingers dry.
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Get a girlfriend! shower sex is hottt!
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Guys have different ways to masturbate?

Hand...cock. Isn't that it?

And learn to spell masturbate.
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No. That's not 'it' at all.
Fleshlights, pillows, foods, other objects.. lots of ways..
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i usually use conditioner as lube and jackoff normally in shower
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Why wouldn't it be? If I was a dude, I'd do it too. All the time.
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