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If you had unprotected phone sex, can you catch hearing aids?
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LOL witty.
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I'm a phone sex worker and believe it or not, a small minority of callers incorporate condoms into their fantasy - maybe they think they can catch an STI over the phone?
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@: Ellenna
There's was something going around the states a few years ago called "retarded flu". A guy who calls into the Howard Stern show, named Gary, almost came down with it. He stopped it by saying "shoo shoo retarded flu" over and over into the phone.
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@: Ellenna
Unprotected sex could leave to the contraction of aids. "Could unprotected phone sex cause hearing aids?" Hearing aids are a device implanted in the ear to help the elderly hear better. Phone sex you need to put the phone to your ear to hear. Both require hearing. I must say, this seems like a troll.
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Yes. My friend got hearing aids last year. It's not as dangerous as regular aids, but you should still be cautious and wear protection.
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