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Sis wanking me
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I was alone at house .i went to my sisters room.and after searching i found a dildo.I thought she was the goodest girl in the world.she never talk about sex or that kind of things.but i never thought of this.and i found my sisters panty which was wet from her pussy juice.and i saw some blood in it.i masterbated looking at it.

after she came she talked to me and asked"bro have u been wanking in my room."i was suprised.i slowly said"yes".she said thats ok but dont cum to the floor.

last week i got fever my mother was out for a sister took me to a docter.befor we go i was sleeping she told me to get ready but i couldnt because i was terribly she opend my locker and got a underwear and came to cloth me.she took off my pants.she saw my peni.i got a erection.she smiled and said am i that much sexy.and she wear me the was fun touching my peni and doing that.and after i am littlebit better.i pretend that i am still ill to make her cloth me.she knew that and she said"what is u need now is a good wanking".that was true i never masterbated since i am ill.she said come to the bathroom.when we are in the bath room she said "do u like me to do that for u".i didnt said anyting.she saw my erected peni through my pjs.she took off her cloths but not mine.i thougt she will do it later.but no she was still wanking me through my pjs.meanwhile i got to poop.i have done it in my pjs.sister saw it and said u are so i asked arnt u going to undress me.then she said"i dont want to be pregnent from my own brother"
after some time i was ready to cum i moand.sister knew it and wankme faster.i came to the pjs.

i felt so weak after cumming my sister caught me from his hand and said"it is because u are ill"and she took off my pjs and lick the cum which was stiil on it.this happen last week

i am 12(believe me i have arrived to pubirity)

this is a true story happen to me.

forgive me for the spelling and grammer mistaks in the story.i am a srilanken
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Comments (6)
wish i had a sis like yours
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i'm getting horny.
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well where i come from iciest is illegal (i think) but if you both enjoy it then i think you should do it more!
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well done
try to get this done more often you will thnak her for teachinf u lots of stuff
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Hav a condom rede next time she mite fuck you
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It IS normal but your sister does sound like a really dirty paedo SLAG. have you tried fucking her with a hand blender before she brings you off ? Plus does her poontang stink of tinned salmon?
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