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Sister and I got naked together
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When I was 13, my 15 year old sister walked in on me masturbating with a girlie magazine. We were both embarrassed and I covered up and she closed the door. A few minutes later she knocked and came back in. She said she had heard about guys beating off and wanted to see. I said no first, but then she pointed at the magazine and asked if I would like to see her naked. So I agreed and masturbated as she stripped. We did it often and later she would also masturbate at the same time. All we did was touch and masturbate. She told me it was alright as long as we didn't have sex. I didn't think so, but could not turn it down at the time.

Now I am engaged to be married and while she is the only girl I have had sex with (and I have told her so), I have not told her about my sister. Is that a lie? Should I tell her?
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no, don't ever tell your wife
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no it's not real sex
it only counts when it's vaginal
or at least anal for that matter
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dont tell her what u did when u were younger is personal. no one tells there new gf what they did with the old gf, so dnt tell her
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I would not say a word. U should have fucked your sister too. I would of.
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there is nothing to tell
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well.... if you only masturbated then it wouldnt technically be called "sex"... but if you did anything more than touching i'd tell your wifey. :) and good luck with the marriage!
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In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with what you and your sister did. I think you should keep it private between the two of you. Don't tell your fiancee. She might not be so understanding.
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thats pretty much considered incest though and no dont tell your wife it could make things awkard for her and your sister
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Keep your secret that's what it is a family secret ! Unless you catch her having sex with you kids one day don't tell her about it it went ne a bonding experience unless you bE cpmon events of this nature.
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Chris, are you wanking to all the old incest stories on the site? Haha you're so crazzy!
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oh shit, when i was 19 same thing happened with me and step sis 14. loads of times i was rubbing against her cunny and bum cheeks, and except for 2 or 3 times when we were really tempted and i rubbed it between her cunny lips we never ever had full sex.
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Do not tell her take that to ur grave!!
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Never tell your wife, but you should have fucked your sister.
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