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Slam dancing in the road?
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Well first to those who do not know what Slam Dancing is it helps me stay clam by using kicks and punches, the dance is a way to let off violent energy without actually hurting anybody.

Now, when ever I listen to bands like Nofx, Lamb Of God, Anti-Flag, Hatebreed, etc... while I walk around I find myself slam dancing around the road and not caring what I look like while I do it.

Is it normal that I do this without a care in the world while people call me insane?
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Comments (7)
Ehh...I don't know if it's "normal" but I'm guessing that you are very young and just have quirks. If you like to do it and don't harm anyone else while doing it, then I say 'more power to you!'...Good Luck
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I'm 27
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Just be careful and don't hit somebody by accident or get hit by a bus
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I can't believe I wasted my time reading this - yet responding to it - .....

I think you enjoy behaving like a tool - possibly because you are one ?
Violent retard "slam dancing " on the road whilst listening to NOFX is an obvious warning sign of extreme WANKERISM ! please give up !
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Is "slam dancing" similar to krumping?
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Or, those punk rooted dance styles?
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Slam dancing is fun. I also shart in my pants while slam dancing
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