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Smashing a door.
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One night, I was sleeping and I had a dream. In this dream, I was body slamming a door trying to get through because of zombies or something. Then I wake up, wanting water because I was thirsty. Then I go up to the door and try to bust though. I don't know ether. My dad comes and that is all resolved. But I want to know... Am I normal for waking up from a dream, and then doing the same thing I was doing in the dream?
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It sounds as if you weren't completelya wake yet and you had that thought in your head still.
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If it happens again, then I would be concerned. If this is an isolated event, then you can probably chalk it up to partial wakefulness and middle-of-the-night confusion...which is NORMAL.
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this is common especeially if you were not completly awake your mind was in confusion and you had just had a nightmare so your brain is only half aware what your doing however your desiere for water is a fuction which must be done as your body need nutrients but it does not mean your brain has grasped what going on fully you are vagley aware of the situation and since desiere to eat and drink is subcutious and is your dream you were only awake enough to get up but not to realize things werent like in your dream .
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L o l
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