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Smegma Overgrowth
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Recently i was tugging one of when i noticed a large amount of smegma seeping from behind my foreskin. Is this normal??
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The uncircumcised male should pull back the foreskin and clean underneath it daily. It should be a part of his daily hygiene routine. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that the foreskin should be cleansed by following the steps:

1. Gently, not forcefully, pull the foreskin away from the tip of the penis.

2. Rinse the tip of the penis and the inside part of the foreskin with soap and water. (While in the shower, cleaning the rest of his manly body.)

3. Return the foreskin back over the tip of the penis. Viola!

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You have two options one is that you realise that you may need to wash down there a little more than you have been the other is that your a clean person and may need to see a doctor
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Ok, you probably aren't the cleanest person, or you've gotten some sorta disease, but hey, at least you're not as much of an ass as these morons who talk so much shit just because you asked a rather icky question. I mean, they talk less shit about the guy who likes the taste of his own ass. This is pretty damn funny.
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Your fucking diseased dude!!!
Have a shower you dirty piece of shit!!!! I think another name for the smegma overgrowth is called gangrene!!!!!!!!!
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Ooooooooh mistah i like chheze vehlly much i take kracker and make snack to eat oh yummy u cum to my house now ok i wait foh yiu
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Just pull back the foreskin and clean the glans and the foreskin as well. Use soap and stuff, then rinse it out with water, this should be done daily.... Jesus.....
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A lot of people will ask the question What is Smegma.
Smartpatrol Knows its dick cheese and it comes from being unclean. So wash your dick prick
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well lets see... did u here the word SHOWER? cause its a new thing that all clean people take. u no when they clean their self so they dont smell. u sould try it. =)

f**king DIRTBAG!!!
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Its actually called... a SHOWER
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That is a little.. fucking sick.. I bet u smell liek a fucking mule.. oh well, hope u die =\
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