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Smelled her farts and loved it
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I went out with this girl for 5 years after college, and we even lived together for awhile. She was not beautiful, but she did have a really nice body and a great rear end. She would always talk about farting, like how certain foods gave her gas, or how she let out a big one at work, etc, but she never would, ever, fart in front of me. I would ask her to fart in front of me even, but she wouldn't. Anyway, one day, she said, "quick, come here, now!" She had just come out of the shower, and was naked. I came over, and she told me to stick my nose up her butt. I did, and it had a really farty smell. "I just farted", she said, and laughed.

Anyway after that, i would get horny thinking about her farting and how it smelled. when we had sex, i would sometimes imagine her fart smell and it would make me cum.. Is this normal? This is not fake, totally true.
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I don't understand what the problem is, wow, I must be a monster compared to this guy. There's this married girl that I talk to on the phone for at least three hours a day off and on throughout the day. And all I talk to her about is different woman I see during the day, and how I'd love to sniff there "dookie knuckles". Unlike the guy on this post the girl absolutely positively has to be pretty, not fat. I couldn't smell it from a girl who was even moderately nice looking, she would have to be pretty. I love the smell of a woman's ass. My girlfriend thinks I'm gross to want to smell her ass all the time, it's good to know that there are others out there like me, and that I'm not alone
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honestly though, you are pretty much alone, dude
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i think a girl has to be really comfortable to fart on you,and i dont think that its gross or nasty or anything,i practicaly beg my gf to fart on me.she just giggles and thinks its funny even though she knows im ashamed that i like it.u aint alone bhra........
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Yo, thats a bit disgusting and freaky.
But just give me a paperbag to put on her face and let me bang her in that huge trunk.
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this makes me want to vom...
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How can the smell of other peopple shit turn you on, because a fart smells the same as what a shit does.
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u must be one of those scat bastards.. yeah, scat is a fetish for people who like shit and being shit on...literally.. why don't you ask her to fart in a jar then seal it up...have a wank and when you're about to spit your fat open the jar and sniff it up.. then get help from a doctor.
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O my...
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oh my dear sweet god! i dont mean to pass judgment on you my fellow male but that is just messed up! you put your nose up her ass? strange...
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You are a sicko, why not just eat gassy foods and lock your self in the closet
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wow... Sounds like that is messed up. You two are a weird couple i mean who does that?
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ahaha this is great. why would you stick your nose up her asshole anyways?pretty gross but if you like her stank ass then enjoy =]
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