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Smelling fetish
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I have an odd fetish. I tend to like smelling things with a bad odor during sex. Like body odor, feet or earwax. My boyfriend thinks its really weird, but I don't. For some odd reason, it really turns me on and heightens the pleasure. Is this normal?
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Comments (13)
I do the very same thing... I have to smell some form of body odor in order to climax. I have thought I was a little strange for doing so, but smelling someone's sex organs, underarms, feet, etc., beats the fuck out of being tied up in leather restraints and getting your ass handed to you by some dominating spouse. You are not alone. Live long and prosper.
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I am a guy that loves the smell of a girl or women with body odor I get turned on also I love to see a women with sweaty armpits and smell the scent if I can.
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I think it's pretty normal, just part of the massive grid of sexual activities that are naughty and wrong, in a good way. I can even get turned on by the smell of garbage. I like the smell of crap. I like stinky feet. Ah... we try so much to cover up these feelings, and play real-life charades, but it just shows how privately arousing strange things can be.
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indeed that's what this woman's situation is. women with fetishes are so hot
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Next time let me know when you get horny and when your boyfriend starts on you I'll nestle my arse around your nose and squeeze one out.
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i love girl's stinky feet...
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For me nearly anything goes.Dont really get the feet thing tho.An definitely dont get ear wax.thats gross.But love body odor smell.Love the pungent taste and smell of an ass.Not a shitty one tho.
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Nothing beats a girl who hasnt washed since the day before. I just go crazy smelling and eating her . Think its the pheromones .
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I love them subtle stinky scents on a female body, like the skin mixed with the smell of saliva, stinky feet really heighten sex, the smell of the skin sweating behind the knees, i love it all, I hate the smell of perfume and love the natural body odor, pheromones, chemistry
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wow, thats intense
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Ehh???? not normal to smell the makes me throw up
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i like my girlfriend's body odor during sex, and i like to kiss her feet when they're sweaty..

that's a normal thing called "fetish" :)
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haha! :D
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