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Smelly, dirty feet
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I have a foot fetish, only for womens feet but, the smellier they are the more I get turned on. I also like them to be slightly dirty and a little rough on the heels. sometimes I have trouble getting aroused unless I can suck a toe or lick the soles of my girlfriends feet. I know that foot fetishes are more common than people will admit but, is it normal that sometimes I need to have some "foot time" to get aroused especially considering I get turned on more if her feet are a little nasty? By nasty I mean sweaty, dirty etc. not ugly, I don't like ugly feet.
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I have a foot fetish but I like clean feet, sexy smooth soles and plump painted toes. I do like them smelly sometimes and sweaty but only when I'm really horny!
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First you need to understand that many people use the term "fetish" wrong. A fetish actually means that you only get sexually aroused by that thing in particular. Without that fetish present, sexual arousal is either limited or none-existant. Just google it and you'll understand better :) So yeah, you do in fact have a fully blown foot footish. It's what get's you off and that may be okay for you, but a fetish so present like yours may cause some complications in a relationship. Saying that though, if your gf knows that's the case and is ok with it, then you've no reason to be concerned!!
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I think it's perfectly normal for someone w a foot fetish.....some people have different things they like in a foot fetish. I also LOVE smelly/sweaty feet. Not actually dirty like dirt on them or anything. But I LOVE it when they smell. Fresh outta the shoe is the BEEEST. I love pealing off a soaking wet sock of my wife's feet....especially after she waits tables all day. OMG trust me you would love the way her feet smell outta work!
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Most people don't NEED that to be turned on. People like to suck on toes because toes are disgusting. Feet have all that weight pressing them into the ground, and men love mutilation.
Bad smells rock your dirty socks, too. Trust me, there are seven billion people who are nastier than you. They're just too dumb to realize it, but not only is it normal, it's part of human nature. Also, seven billion people are into poo, pee, foot fungi, mutilation, torture, sadism, masochism, murder, rape, and pedophilia. The combination of culture and stupidity is blocking people from seeing the obvious. I just laugh at their hypocrisy and dormant state. It's right in front of you, just in case your looking for the evidence. Few things are more obvious.
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lol thats fairly starnge good luck with that

sure your not the only one
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Sure, you don't like ugly feet, sure. Oh, and while you're at it, how about telling me how much you hate goats? Those things creep me out. Every time I try to boost them up, they kick me.
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I wouldn't say it's "normal" but everyone has their own fantasies/fetishes... Good luck with that bud hahaha.
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SIMPLE !! you have a foot fetish , but whats more Is that there is a need for humility to go along with it , I myself have the same taste , though I started off only liking them clean as I grew older there became a need for filth and callused heels , I believe that the fetish ,all of them mutate over time , exiting is not exiting when its the same all the time
One thing Im sure of is that it is tied in to a deep seeded want for humility , or more at to be degraded , you would probably be into femdom as well :-) nope you are far better then normal , happy cleaning !
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It has the opposite effect on me, I hate dirty feet. I like clean feet.
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i jerk off on wifes feet
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i love my wife dirty i foot fucked her
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Haha they call it a fetish for a reason. It's something in your brain(obviously). Some people can't stand the sight of naked feet. Just to make you feel better, I get off a lot better if the girl pretends she's being raped. It's sick but it's what I like. I would never actually rape someone but it's human nature to have our own personal "fetishes" and desires. Plus most girls loooooove when their feet are rubbed and massaged, even if sucking and licking is involved. I rubbed my ex's feet for around 30min one night and she almost climaxed, she kept maoning and groaning. The human body works in mysterious ways :)
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