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Son peeking at me
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My 12 year old has started peeking at me he peeks into the bathroom "accidentally" comes into the bathroom or when Im in the shower or bath. Pretends hes not paying attention he sneaks outside my bedroom door when Im changing he even trys to peek into the bedroom from outside. He is always trying to look up my skirt and down my tops. He is also very "curious" with questions about sex especially about MY body I know boys curiosity is normal but hes also gotten into trying to peek ubder my housecoat if I fall asleep on the couch What should be done ( Iam flattered though)
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Your flattered by your own son LOL.
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youve no locks on your doors,"mommy"?

$$$$$$---My guess is youre a 15 year old loser who tries to peek at his mommy's naughty bits and you want some validation from other mommy sniffing losers in here.
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Pancakes anyone? Fresh batch dey taste so good oh yes dems do!!
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fuck is wrong with him. You should do what feels right. IF you think this to be disrespectful (which i do) you should let him know and do it harshly. Dont fuck around with this kid his 12 he shouldn't be doing this.
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