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Spanking boyfriend
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I know this is going to sound weird, but i want my boyfriend to spank me when i do something wrong, such as fight with him, cheat on him, talk back, etc. We are both teenagers, and hes spanked me while we have had sex, but thats it. I don't want him to beat me, but just give me a good few swats. It will make me feel better. Does anyone else feel this way? how do i ask him to do it? is there any way that i don't have to ask him and will he just do it?
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and make syre after the spanking you suck his cock hell learn real fast
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Gert f*ucked like a sklutt u /B*tch !!!
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u should be spank by ur parents cause u r just a teenager and shouldnt be having sex
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@: galeni
You should just say honey i want u to spank me when I am bad.... he will trust me
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when you do something wrong just say Ive been a naughty little girl and bend over and show him your arse and say I need a spanking
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My girlfriend likes to get spanked too. It gets her so horny that her pussy will be dripping when I finally pull her panties off. Sometmes I have to tie her up a bit to make my point and that gets her going even better. She once just said to me that she was a bad girl then turned and stuck her ass out. Thats all it took for me. The blowjob idea is good too.
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