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Spanking the fanny/sniffing her shorts and panties
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I love to watch my sister getting spanked. She's seven years older and when mom spanks her over her knee on her shorts her fanny clenches and those tight shorts pull in her crack and I get really excited. Then mom pulls her panties down and she gets spanked eventually on her bare fanny and I watch from the crack in the doorway and masturbate with my hands down the front of my jeans as I watch and listen to her cry out and moan. After she's been spanked and goes to sleep I steal her shorts and the panties she wore and lay on my bed and masturbate as I sniff the seam and crotch of her green faded shorts. I put her panties over my face and sniff with my eyes closed thinking about spanking her bare arse over my knee and sniffing her wet crotch. Sometimes I lay over the seat of a chair in my room and listen as she gets spanked and rub myself on the edge of the chair to the tempo of the paddle hitting the seat of my sister's shorts.
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@: sxyGuy
That's a bit hypocritical considering you wrote this story:

Also, stop typing in capitals.
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@: sxyGuy
hahahahahahaha you wanted to fuck your cousin for 2 1/2 years and then talk shit about incest to this kid. You suck.
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my pet moustache spanks his little sister inside a taco when my robot is cleaning yabbie shit off the dining room floor
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never heard something like that how old are you?o_O and dude its your little sister and you know thats incest but hell your only human so i guess you can't be all bad i mean i masterbate to porn but nothing like that.
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It's normal......
I'm nearly 19 and have a stepsister whose 12. Loads of times I've got her pants from the washing basket and sniffed them and rubbed them on me while masturbating.

Sometimes when shes in her nightie I stare for a peek of her fanny - she dont wear pants underneath. The othe day she was on the floor playing with her little sister and I easily saw her fanny. YUM ! Doesnt mean I'd ever touch her, cos I wouldnt. Still nice to see though .....
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yes bad and no bad, I get where some of ya'll are coming 4rm but still a lil weird, b/c I have thought of some family members that I would want IF THEY werent family!!!
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you are a sick little weirdo and your mom sounds like she is forwarding your isp address to social sevices.
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The whole panties thing is a bit odd. But seeing your older sister getting spanked and getting aroused at the sight is perfectly normal. I have an older sister and she got spanked, fully nude, in the kitchen. She was always mean to me so I enjoyed watching her get spanked. It even embarrassed her more that she knew I was right behind her watching the spanking.
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Is this a story or an experience. If your sister is 7 years older - and getting spanked - you are either very little or she is very old. Too old to be getting spanked unless it is just so your mother can play with her ass. I think that sniffing her panties is normal. It is a sensual thing - a turn on. So tell us more.
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