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Spit drinking
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I'll tell u another story with my 12 year old cousin. He filled up a big glass with his own spit. It took him 3 hours to fill it! Then I drank all of his spit at time less than 15 seconds! Is it normal?

PS the taste was good...
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Comments (15)
Only if it was a hot chic would I do that.
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eeewwwwwww you can get aids if you drink a bucket of spit
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if the person who spits has AIDS idiot!!!
but he hasn't of course...
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I think you're the kind of guy who doesn't need a million dollars to do crazy shit like this.
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This is very weird.

Next time think what you are drinking, maybe he has AIDS.....

..never know.....
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This makes me sick just to think about it.fucking gross!!!!
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ew, ew, ew. It's probably all globby and shit. That's gross, please tell me you got money out of this or something.
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no i didn't, i did that for fun. and i was qurius how spit tastes.
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lol....i don't think might have aids now...
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I read this story's title.
I refuse to read the rest.
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@: Potato
spit is disgusting, but dookie is good.
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Omgoodness! This is REALLY degscusting! It made me make pukeing sounds and gag! Gawd!
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i'd drink it. getin touch if you want to dare me.

BTW, if you'd get Aids from a glass of it you'd get it from just kissing... in fact, less likely because the HIVirus dies quickly out of the body.
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