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Starting at my legs
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I'm st work.and a young male co worker keeps looking at my legs I don't mind he is a lovely lad he has admitted he likes my bum not the word he used.even sent me a valentine card and present this year he knows I'm married and older but he certainly seems keen. Is this normal behaviour young men after older married women
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Comments (7)
It's normal. He probably thinks you'd make a good mate, and can't help but be attracted to you even though you're married. I suggest telling him to cool his jets because you're taken.
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Attraction doesn't take wedding rings into account.
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Simply ignore him if he annoy you too much.
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I try to but he is sweet besides at my age I enjoy the attention lol
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Tat's tough. If you can't ignore him then you have to accept it in your mind.
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I don't mind him looking as long as he doesn't make it obvious.and other work colleagues notice him doing it
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I love older kik me juliopaco
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