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Stepdaughter wakes stepdad up stroking penis
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First off I'll say I am a happily married man to a wonderful woman of 45 that looks 15 years younger(might be part of this problem)and our relationship is great in every way, sexually, communications, every way imaginable. My stepdaughter,25, a married, beautiful, curvy, well endowed woman like her mother, and I have always got along great, that is why this so surprised me. My wife and stepdaughter go shopping and just hang out a lot together and they all the time are mistaken for sisters, of which my wife loves, people thinking she's 30-ish. My stepdaughter always has something to say after one of their shopping flings.....telling who or what thought her mom was her older sister and she really quickly corrects them, telling them it's her mom. OK, you get the picture, I's the problem right now and I don't know what else I can do.

For Thanksgiving dinner, the day before, stepdaughter came over to help her mom with the cooking as we were expecting 24 mouths to feed before watching football and I had worked a double shift evenings over to graveyards and was sleeping but wanted to get up around 11:30 or noon and told my wife to come wake me up. When my wife was going to come wake me up, she had her hands full at the time, so stepdaughter volunteered to come wake me up. Bedroom on other side of house, knock on the door wasn't loud enough to wake me so she opens the door and comes in. I'm still sleeping under the cover, pillow over my head, the whole nine yards. I slowly wake up with a hand on my penis stroking it ever so slowly, my reaction is nonchalant as my wife has awakened me like this on several occasions before. After a minute or two of being aroused to the max, I'm ready for action, remove the pillow, and it's not my wife but my stepdaughter with her eyes closed doing the stroking. I stopped her immediately. She removed her hand and said mom was busy and she volunteered to come wake me up. After telling her what she already knew about appropriate behavior, she said, I know that you and mom have great sex because she's told me, and I know why now, you're huge. She left the room, I got dressed and immediately went to the kitchen. I said, did you tell your mom how you woke me up? She said, yeah. My wife knew something wasn't right and ask her daughter did something else happen besides what she had told her. My wife was going to find out right then and there. Her daughter couldn't find the words to say so I told her I woke up with her rubbing me, for how long, I didn't know, but when I came out from under the pillow her daughter had her eyes closed stroking me. Thanksgiving day came and went as if nothing had happened. My wife and I have no idea if her husband know about what happened if she told him, I sure would want to know, any ideas? I also told my wife that she should talk to her daughter about why we have good sex, communication, not because of my size, that may have something to do with it but it's not the main reason.
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So whats the question? I can make up erotic stories about a "hot wife who looks 30" and a "hot step daughter" who woke you up jackin your dick. Its just I wouldnt make it look so fake like you did with all the history before hand and how everyone is just so perfect and looks great. Bunch of bullshit, I can go look at sex stories on a porn site if I want to read about a perfect world. Gay!
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To Whom It May Concern......I didn't do anything with my stepdaughter because I love my wife and made a commitment to her, marriage fidelity, and would do anything for her including trying to help her mixed up daughter but that doesn't mean I'd do anything improper with her. I might have if I wasn't married to the love of my life. Some of these answers show the age level/maturity level of those posting. I appreciate the honest answers and at this time we, my wife and I, are trying to get help for my stepdaughter. She and her husband are not getting along. Duhhhh!!!!!
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Know this is old but I gotta go with guys above, sounds fake. The story sounds very questionable and the overkill was bragging about your member
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have u guys actually read the whole thing? i lost intrest after the first sentence
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I have to admit -- it DID take about four tries before I could absorb all of this. And I'm still not 100%% sure of what happened, but I gave it my "best guess effort."
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I don't know. I can find no reason to disbelieve the writer in this case. He doesn't seem to have invited the sexual contact, and he also seems to be somewhat perplexed by it. This is not your typical soft-core porn with sexy step-daughter coming to sweet daddy with a hiked-up skirt, pleading to be ass-raped.

So I'm going to just go with it and assume you're serious. If so, it's probably best that everything is out in the open. And if her husband doesn't already know, do NOT take it upon yourself to enlighten him. That's strictly between the two of them; it's possibly that his reaction could be highly volatile towards you if you were to "come clean".

It sounds like the girl wanted to satisfy a long-held fantasy, and now she knows that you're not interested, and that your wife knows the situation as well. Hopefully, this will be the end of it. Unfortunately, things are bound to be a little awkward at family gatherings for a while. I'd recommend family counseling if things become too intense as this obviously has the potential to weaken your marriage.
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Give the girl a break. She has seen her mom do it. It seemed like a good idea and thought he would like it. When I was happily married I would not feel unfaithful or violated if my step daughter woke me up that way. What girl would not want to stoke a big dick on a handsome man, whether she is married or not? And maybe her marriage is not so hot as her mom's. And maybe she was thinking of her husband when she was doing it. It is highly unlikely she wanted sex or wanted to be disloyal to her mom or unfaithful to her own husband. Who knows? But stop making a big deal out of nothing. With all the ssx on tv and in movies and on the internet, we stay sexually charged all the time with no intent to fuck everyone we meet.
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PS After rereading the account, I surmise that the mom has shared some intimate details. It is not normal to stoke your step dad's dick. I suspect her mom told her that is the way she wakes him up and maybe she went on to tell her more. That's a little abnormal, too. She is a hot momma that loves sex and is giving her hot daughter some ideas. If all this is all true, maybe papa needs to talk to momma and find out what else she has shared with daughter. It sounds like papa is self-righteous and won't admit he enjoyed every bit of it and is ready for more, except he has blown his cover.
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The step daughter and her husband having problems happened long before you knew about it. She needs professional help as this isnt normal at all. She is looking at stirring up problems between yourself and her mom. Its all about control, competition, insecurities and just being a brat. I'd limit her coming over, make sure both you and her mom are in the room at all times. She did it once, she will stir up more problems if given the opportunity.
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my step daugher has walked in on me and her mum before so she waited till her mum was out the house she came in beside me started playing with my cock and 1 thing lead to another there no law against it 1 day her mother caught us and joined in. So i say it is normal (she not realy ma step daughter as werent married yet bonus!!!!
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That story is....Disturbing.
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@: Fred
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Ok wait a minute, So after reading ur story my question to u is :

Why didnt u f*ck her ?

Dumbass !
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I would say that your step-daughter has a bit of a slutty side and she is just interested in playing with a big cock. I do not think you should tell her husband about your one-on-one personal encounter, but he should somehow be made aware of the possibility that his wifes curiosities might have unfaithful implications. If she is a slut in wifes clothing she will fuck outside of the marriage at some point, and since she is already close & familiar with your organ you might be her easiest target, personally, if the risk/cost were not too high, I would bang her good and hard just like the bad girl she probably is. If she's gonna fuck, she's gonna fuck, period. Might as well enjoy!
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Ok so I don't know about this story. I can see how it sounds a bit like some guy and everyone is hot, but I have a stepdad and I did things with him, so...

My real dad died when I was two, so I don't remember anything. I just have some pictures and mostly videos of me with his voice. I always felt envious of girls who had daddies. Listen, my mom is way cool, but she is a mom. There were times I would wish I had a dad and a few times I would snuggle with my best friend's daddy. I'd stay over and during the scary movies, we'd climb in his lap and hide our faces in his chest. It made me feel safe.

So I was ten when mom started dating my stepdad. She was around 32 and he was over fifty, but he is really handsome and totally buff, so imagine some older model with those whisps of white hair on his temples. He also owned a boat, so rich and successful. Mom and I were poor, not like dirt poor, but she was an executive secretary and we had to be really careful with money. So Bill was a catch.

He didn't come on to her. They met through her job and he was just a really nice guy.. He'd come by and help fix things at our house and took us sailing. He'd help me with homework, which was great because he's really smart.

I think mom was sort of looking for a daddy too. Bill's wife had died maybe around when my daddy died, so I am sure he was lonely. He also didn't have any kids, so I guess we were filling places in each other's life. But mom was nervous because he was older, but he made me feel safe. So when she asked if I minded her marrying him, I was all smiles.

The first time I saw them making love was when I was 12. They'd come home from some awards dinner and were a bit tipsy. They didn't close their door all the way and well I was curious. I was just growing little boobies and getting hair down there. So... Well I peeked and got excited. I even touched myself, well I don't want to sound like some porn whatever, but after that I started to have fantasies. I kinda wanted to know if he thought I was sexy, so I would dress so he could see me.

When I turned 13, mom bought me a baby doll nightie. She was going for a more look like granny one, but I was feeling I was too grown up and begged and so she bought it. I would wear it most nights and I came down wearing it one Sunday. Now it isn't seethrough but I knew if I stood so the window was behind me, it was pretty much showing me off and when I saw Bill peeking looks it made me feel very sexy.

One night I came down acting like I was getting ready for bed and some romantic mushy movie that my mom loves was on, so I plunked down on the sofa next to Bill and started watching. Then I went and got some water in the kitchen and left the light on, so when I came through the door the light would be behind me. And when I got to the door I asked mom and Bill if I could get them something. They both wanted wine, so I put my water down anf poured mom her wine then went to the door and asked Bill if he wanted white or red and stood there with him looking at me.

I got their wine and came back out, gave mom hers and walked around the back of the couch and sat next to Bill and give him his. I could see he was a little hard, which made me feel sort of womanly, and I snuggled next to him. I took a few sips of his wine and pretended to fall asleep. I let my hand fall down and rest against him. He tried to move away, but I managed to act like I was getting more comfortable and touched him even more.

Nothing really happened, but a couple of days later mom and I had "the talk" about boys. I told her I knew about sex and wouldn't do anything stupid. I asked about daddy and then about Bill. I told her when I got married I wanted a man like Bill. Mom was sort of nervous and was drinking wine to calm her nerves, but we got to talking about sex. I told her I thought Bill was handsome and I sometimes had fantasies about him.

It took two more years, but little by little mom and I talked more. I was dating and guys were always touching me, and I was asking questions and finally I said I wanted Bill to teach me about sex. Eventually, Bill was my first. That took quite a bit of convincing, but I knew he loved me and loved mom. He was more reluctant, but mom had been about my age when she first had sex and her first time was not the best, so she slowly agreed that an older man might be best. Bill is a real gentleman and he and mom went back and forth, but was two women against one man, so slowly he came around to our side.

So he is not some perv or anything. But after a while, we'd make love sort of regularly. I got a bigger bed and some nights he'd come in and make love to me. Some nights I could get him to stay and sleep beside me. I don't think mom minded. Most nights he would go back to their room.

So yeah, some girls have a thing for their step dads, or at least I do. I have two little sisters now and mom is really busy with them. So even some nights she is like, "I'm exhausted would you mind if Bill spent the night with you?"

I'm in college now. I date guys nearer to my age, but actually I date the guys in graduate school more. For me older is better in most cases. I've even slept with two of my professors, but always wait until I am done with their class. Still against the stupid rules, but everyone is breaking rules and I think this is harmless. The schools are worried the professor will take advantage of you, but in my case, I feel like other way around. Besides, I have a 4.0 GPA and I do that with my own brain, not getting favors. And yes, I still sleep with Bill, he's my first and they are always the special ones. I even dated two of his friends who are in their fifties. Mom is twenty years younger than Bill, so I think a guy like that is perfect for me, but maybe fifty..

So, those are what I am thinking.
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U are a dumbass that never happened, but u could be a good wierdo writer
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