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Sticking things in the penis
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So I have a friend and he has a striange Habit.........He likes to stick things in his penis when masterbating.....He told me to try it as "It feels very good".
Is that even safe and or healthy for the penis???
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Comments (5)
Probably not a good idea. Sounds like a good way to get a UTI(urinary tract infection).
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I no its fucked up if you ask me
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not safe nor healthy.there are websites that have pics of guys dong this but that doesnt mean it is safe.people who do stupid shit to their junk like vacuum pumps to make them huge and weights to stretch it out usually end up with a lump of junk that doesnt work.
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OMFG ... does it hurt like a mofo? Kinda like when you get your p3//1$ chopped off?
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i think your friend is telling you this so that you will ruin your penis.
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