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Stinky vagina
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Is it normal for my girlfriends vagina to stink so much ? Serious, she says it's natural but my past girlfriends never stunk so bad. She's a cuacasian woman, reddish blonde with very white almost albino skin. I've been with redheads and they do have a familar smell. but this woman is very smelly, that I cannot tolerate anymore. I asked her to douche, and she said it's not good. What am I to do ? Is that normal ?
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Thanks for the comments, she recently had a Doctors ( Gyn ) check-up and found there is an imbalance in her system involving her protein based diet. Hopefully, this will change things. I love her so much but the smell was getting extreme and I can usually tolerate such things. lol
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Ill fuck your bitch then. MAN UP!!!!!!! lil wimpy dweeb
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Douching is not a healthy practice, from what I hear, but I don't have a vagina so I can't really elaborate on that.
Have her see a doctor.
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Douching is extremely bad, and she'll likely becoming infected causing more smell.
Suggest that you're concerned about it and that it really is unusual in your experience--suggest she see a doctor.
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Smells like tuna, tastes like chicken; put your face down there and keep on licking.
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Yeast infection. Case closed.
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maybe she has a infection down there she may need to see a doctor for that problem or she needs to wash really good down there or you just need to leave her because thats nasty as hell
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