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Strange urges of violence.
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Hey. I get random urges to really wanting to hurt someone so much that they'd be screaming for forgiveness.

I have dreams about it also, and enjoy it..
It even happens with my friends, I almost stabbed my cousin a few days ago in the neck. And instinctly punched my mate in the face a day after. I've had other random outbursts throughout time, and it's beginning to get to me.

I believe i'm a demon, someone brought up, and possessed, although that's practically impossible, as things would've already happened, and I doubt i'd be able to actually control my body.

I keep planning out how i'm going to hurt someone, and have even began sketching out idea's I found from the movie "Saw" and the ones that followed it. Someones pain and suffering is my pleasure.

Does anyone else feel like this?
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Obviously bigger than your balls ;)
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I think your full of shit.
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Want my number ;)?
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whooo your a bad ass, poster get the sand out of your pussy
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Of course there are people that just have urges to harm others. I STRONGLY suggest getting into martial arts. That way, you're doing it in a constructive way that even builds self-esteem. As long as you don't go and start strangling some guy, everything would be cool.

However, if you have the desire to kill, then you may seriously want to consider help.
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ah i feel quite homicidal at times, but im getting help and am on meds. as for being a demon well i doubt that. if i was my mother id say your possed but luckily im not her. she has tried that crap on me blah blah blah...
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welcome 2 my world buddy
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Actually, I think it's natural to want to go out and smack somebody. Seriously now, humans are animals and we have aggressive sides. Your case might be a little extreme if you act on those impluses but the idea of it is understandable.
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Does this mean you want to hurt the innocent people around you? Or just the people that fuck you off?
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I think that if you consider yourself a powerful entity such as a "demon" that only subconsciously gives you more power to want beat the s**t out of people. You're a human with an evil side, most definitely a bit more evil than average from what you've said. But indeed I feel that way too. Have since I was old enough to think evil thoughts.
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Here is a very useful hint:
do something spiritual like meditation or something religious (depends on what religion u are)
if you dont have one like me meditation is the best way :D
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A demon? Please buddy, if you were possessed by a demon your would do worse things than hit people!
Your just a freaking nutcase! GET SOME HELP!
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@: CGFE3
I concer
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I used to be like that. I didn't think I was a demon or anything but I lack empathy for rapist, child molesters, and people who abuse their authority betray the trust placed in them. Eventually my impulses escalated to fighting and the feeling of power was so intoxicating and euphoric and anyone who says sex is the greatest thing ever seriously doesn't know what that feels like. Eventually I went into therapy which was worthless but it showed me that it was socially unacceptable. Now, whenever someones rude to me or projects their issues onto me I just tell myself that they are here so that when they die they will make the world a measurably better place. -1 b*tch ya know.
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You are a sick psychopath. You need help. Ever think to go to a shrink? Or turn urself into the police? Hey do us all a favor and watch the tv show SNAPPED. It's about people like you. Maybe it'll "snap" some sence into u.
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Hopefully you will get run over by a bus and that will be the end of you and your creepy fucking issues
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It's normal. And if anyone tried to put a demon's soul into a human being they would suffer huge consequences. If you want to fix this try going to a gym and punching a punching bag. It might help.
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so I have a story. My brother and his girlfriend were walking around campus after a party and on that night like two years ago there had been a suicide and they just felt like evil around them and they couldn't even explain it.

And so they were passing a chapel and they heard screaming and curses and so they went inside and there was someone they knew and she was drunk as fuck and she kept changing voices and personalities and and they looked in her eyes and it wasn't her.

She was possessed with like five different demons! And so my brother and his girlfriend were trying to perform an exorcism and when they touched her they felt the demons actually trying to attack them.

But they talked to the demons and kept asking for their names and idk all of them but one of them said he was loneliness. And he said it through the girl but it sounded like a guy. And so they cast out the demons but it took like an hour and they were constantly praying and calling us to pray

But there might still be 1 demon left in her cuz a guard came in and kicked them out cuz they didn't believe the story he just thought she was drunk. But he says there is still evil around campus and for us to be praying for him.
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