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Swim in pool with mom naked
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Ok... so I have a pool in my backyard, and we have a really high fence so noone can really see anything and me and my mom ALWAYS go swimming in the pool during the summer, but the thing is lately we have been swimming naked together. I feel that me and my moms bonding time brings us closer together and I dont feel that swimming naked is strange in any way. Is it normal??
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Haha,not really if she's hot then yeah, is she hot?
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What happens when you are swimming together naked in the pool?

What do you want to happen?

How does you're mom feel about it?
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Waiting for an update...
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@: hnbout
Still waiting for an update...
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No so gross
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r u a girl? if so then maybe
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I hope you and your mom suck each other off. The pool makes you all nice and clean so you can go at each other whenever you want. I love it. You can eat her ass, lick her bum-hole, wow and fuck her silly. She needs it and deserves it. If you are a girl you may have difficulty fucking her so I am willing to be there for you. Have fun, you only live once. I can just picture her all naked in that pool. I am envious for sure. The fact that she is your mother just makes it more exciting don't you think?
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