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Tampons for the first time, suppose to feel WEIRD?!!
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Well i just used a tampon for the first time today, and i got it in and everything, but it just feels really "weird".. is it just because i havent ever had one in before, or is it because i put it in wrong?

I put it in all the way, until my fingers touched, but it feels wierd, but im not leaking or anything.. it only feels wierd when iwalk but not when i sit down....

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Most likely you just didn't get it in far enough and it's stuck in too shallow a spot. But maybe you're just really tight in there and not used to it. You'll get the hang of it soon!
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it took me forever to figure out how to use them right. you'll get it eventually.
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you know how to put inn a tampon i need the info!!
help me please i try but it hurts!!!????
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Just take it out of your arse, dude.
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A tampon isnt supposed to be felt. Try again when u have heaviest flow. How old are you?
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You shouldn't really feel it. You might need to put it in deeper. The only time I feel it is if I sit down and it pulls the string a little, or if it's too dry.
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