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That hours after I poo I need to wipe again?
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I often find that after I go number two (poop) I need to wipe again an hour or so later because there is some residue back there that wasn't there when I wiped the first time.
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This mainly depends on the consistency of the fecal matter. If you have fecal matter that is more processed and hard, the body will have an easier time removing all of it when going to the bathroom. If you are one that has the "Peanut Butter" poopies then your body may not be able to get rid of all of it in one sitting. You will find that if you fart a few times or move around a lot, some residual fecal matter will eventually find it's way out the cavity. And to go against what XxBarbie wants, you know when you get an itching/irratating sensation. And yes, I do have this problem also. It's not uncommon, but changing up your diet to include more vegatables (fiber) and some dairy products such as yogurt and cheese will help harden your fecal matter and stop this problem.

Wet wipes don't work, taking a shower won't work. You can't clean what isn't there yet. Another thing that might help is waiting to when you know full well that you have to go and/or staying long enough to make sure you are done.
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I think I have a solution.

I've had this problem since I was a little kid, and I just recently figured out what it was. I always had to return a couple hours later to wipe a second time, no matter how well I did the first time.

What worked for me (and I'm still testing this out) is to NOT try to squeeze every last bit of poop out. (This may sound graphic, so hold your mouths shut) The thing you should try is to squeeze out the poop until it plops violently into the toilet. Then STOP. Don't try to squeeze out anymore. If you attempt to get every last bit of poo out, you will end up leaving a small bit just on the inside of your anus, which will inevitably leak out. Holding back the rest of the crap will feel odd at first, but the feeling will go away in a few minutes and you will feel much better than if you had tried to squeeze everything out.

This may not be the same for all people, but it seemed to work for me, so test it out and report your findings.
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This post is so correct. I've have now realised where I was going wrong all my life. Thanks dude. Btw did this work out for u???
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thank god i thought i was the only one. lol
and ty too the top 2 comments, very informative
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Try using your index finger more while wiping!
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Just your asshole leakin buddy!!!
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I have the same problem. I think it probabaly is gas that leaves residue like somebody else posted. But you're not alone
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if you take a shower, this is not a issue any more. The problem is from toilet paper which cannot clean thoroughly.

An effective, portable clean-wash tool will solve this problem!
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I clean myself with the shower-head on its best cleaning setting after every poo and use toilet paper to dry off after and i still have this issue. If i don't go back to respray then i have major issues. not fun. so this is an issue no matter how well the initial clean is. I am going to try the no more pushing method someone mentioned and i will report back.
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Guys I feel very much relieved !Since my blessed birth more than half a century ago I have had this problem of poop sticking to in the anus regardless of my frantic efforts to remove it.

My wife used to shout at me whenever she washed my underwear till I decided to be in charge. Washing is arduous but is the answer.
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This happens to me too. It sounds weird but take a wet wipe, wipe around your anus then stick your wet wipe covered finger in your anus a tiny bit to try and get the rest.
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Had this problem and cured so far. I hope this helps someone. I tried increasing my fiber. I was taking fiber pills and eating tons of fiber. It did not help. I had this condition off and for years. I also ate Greek yogurt too.

Finally I one day I got the stomach flu. I had diarrhea for a few days. I went to the doctor and got cipro. He told me to take probiotics as well. My wife got some expensive probiotics called "ultimate Flora".

The problem stopped. I think it was Ultimate Flora probiotics that cured it.

My poop comes out normal. Long and smooth. I barely have anything to wipe now.

I am pretty sure the Ultimate Flora was the trick. It is such a great feeling to walk away from the toilet completely.
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Baby wipes
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Take a shower next time might be cleaner.
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Are you sure it's not just gas causing the residue? If not, sounds like you aren't wiping good enough the first time.
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See your physician.
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I'm with Mel. Use wet wipes. They work wonders.
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... and how do you know more 'residue' is back there? Wait, I don't wanna know.
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Dirty boy!!!!!!!
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Use wet wipes...when I go #2, I always use them! So much cleaner!!
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