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That my husband wants to experiment?
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My husband and I are very happily married and would love eachother very much. Just recently he is expressed interest in different sexual activities. We've always been kind of adventurous, but now he's asking me to go find some guy and give him a blow job and send him a video of it. He also wants to watch me have sex w 1 or more guys infront of him or get involved. It upset me at first but he responded that he wants to see my in complete excstacy and that I give amazing blow jobs and he wants these guys to get a taste of what he gets all the time. I'm very on the fense about all this so I just want to know: is this normal? I've been told a lot of guys fantasize about these things but are too afraid to tell their wives.
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Hmmmmmmm. Quite a. Fetish
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Go for it !, I think watching a woman get drilled us awesome
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feel free to contact me for the part of the third wheel... jk

I have a friend who met up with a married couple online and apparently the husband just wanted to watch his wife get it on with someone else.
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It is a common fantasy, finally my wife went and fucked a guy from the internet, when she came downstairs from his apartment, I felt her wet panty, got so aroused, her pussy was soaked, she admitted she enjoyed it, it isnt cheating if I know about it,,,we had sex in our car I couldnt wait until wegot home, now we are hardcore into is like an addiction
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This is a very normal fantasy for husbands. Most don't really want to go thru with it but some do. I was friends with a couple years ago and he admitted this fantasy to me. I admitted that my first wife cheated on me and it turned me on! I let the affair go on for a long time and even confronted her and told her I knew and enjoyed the fact she was sleeping with other men and I would like to watch. She called me a pervert and we soon divorced, she moved in with that guy and he caught her cheating so he threw her out.
Back to my friends, after we talked this over I agreed to help him live his fantasy. It didn't take much talking into as I had always been hot for her. He invited me to his house for dinner and drinks then the hot tub.
She let us go in first and came out, dropped her robe and exposed her fantastic body in the moonlight. We sat for a long time drinking and talking then he began to play with her, she stopped him and said "not in front of company" He told her well, maybe he should join us?
I don't know if it was just the drinks, the hot tub or if she had a secret desire for me but soon we where in their bed having a three way! It was fantastic, she was so into it and between him and I we could barely keep up!
I left and drove home, the next day he called and told me he liked it but could not stand the thought of her having sex with other men!
I didn't hear from him for a long time but one night I ran into them at a bar. She was all over me and wanted me to come back to their place but he got upset. I guess they had been with other guys and she didn't want to stop but he hated it, enough that he would walk out of the room and leave her with them.
So guys make sure you are really ok with your wife having sex with others. Some women try it and don't want to do it again and some don't want to stop! As for me, I love watching my wife enjoy herself with other men and we both are very comfortable with our situation. However, I am not at all interested in being with other women and she said no way would she put up with that anyway.
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This is a real dilemma for people who struggle with open communication. Because in order for all parts of the puzzle to be put together without losing any pieces, both lovers must trust, adore and respect their partners fully, without exception. When the communication barrier is no barrier at all, life together becomes perfect. Then the offering or giving into sharing every aspect of fulfillment: mental, physical and sexual tensions become a sexual completeness you could call "the secret of life".

Only a giving, loving, very communicative couple can enjoy sharing to such an extent without problems. If you can not talk about it you wont enjoy it.
see how many men have figured it out here:
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Be assured that your relationship will be changed by this. Forever. You can not ever go back.
If you are comfortable with where it may inevitably end up, great. If you aren't, well...

Remember, you can not put this genie back in the bottle. If you cherish your monogamous, exclusive marriage better think long and hard.

This comment assumes that you would NEVER consider such a thing if you have kids. And yes, they will eventually find out.
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If he is not happy with just you, If you are not enough woman for him, then I don't know If he realizes your worth and how special you should be to him.
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Here's the problem with "swinging"; She has the Vag, He has the Dick. The Vag will get way more dicks than the Dick will get vags.
He will want to end when you've just warmed up, then what?
Dump him, run and find a normal guy before you waste anymore time on this loser.
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I don't know if every guy is into this. But some are. The question is, are you comfortable with doing that for him?

I understand wanting to please your man and make him happy, but if you aren't comfortable with the idea then don't do it.

Personally, if my man asked me to do all that with other men for him it wouldn't happen. Because I definately could not do it since I would feel like I'm cheating on him and plus, I would not enjoy sex with any other man besides my own.

Makes my stomach turn just thinking about it.

But like I said, this is up to you and if you are ok with it.
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