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The back of my ears smell like cheese
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At the end of the day, when I rub the back of my ears, my fingers will smell like parmesan cheese (with a hint of lemon). Do other people have this issue? I figured that they did, but my mom insists that they don't. Is it normal?
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Mine smell like dog shit with a hint of lemon.
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Mine smell like that too and I am a clean freak. Rub in between your toes, smell it, it probably is the same smell as behind your ears, mine is!
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like the old people said........ dont forget to wash behind your ears!!
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Behind my ears have never stunk that I know of. Then again, I don't make a regular habit of sniffing what's behind there anyways. Never really had to, because like I said, it's never stunk.

Wash up and I'm sure you'll be fine.
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While I can't attribute the smell to cheese, I notice that my gauges do have an "odor" to them. Do you have piercings? Well keep um clean!
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Mine smell like Haddock with a touch of lemon.
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Yes, I believe it's normal. My ears smell like parmesan cheese too. Yuck!!
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mine also smell like parmesan cheese.. but i don't know why is that so... emm.. any facts about that?
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It happens to a lot of people.
Candida is a yeast that makes a cheesy or yeasty smell in areas that have cracks or folds like belly buttons and ear holes . not sure if its the same as the kind that makes feet smell that way


try cleaning your ears with soloution of 1/2 peroxide and 1/2 water and just swab once or twice a day. I have a heavy natural musk around my neck and ears despite showering daily so I swab with peroxide and after rub a drop of diluted tea tree oil back there. it naturally keeps bacteria and yeasts at bay and tingles nicely so I dont have to worry about it until the next day. (this also made the cheesey smell go away in my DOGS ears forever after one week) just make sure to like 1/2 dilute it with some olive oil or any other oil. its strong and can irritate skin.

~ F.S.Bingo
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you should clean the back of your ears ^^. i have a rule: if it exists...clean it
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Wash them.
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I was having the same problem with a foul odor behind my ears. My sister, a Holistic Health Care Provider, told me that it may be a side effect of Candida. She also educated me on the subject of good bacteria and "bad bacteria" in our stomach/intestinal tract. They get out of balance and Candida "bad bacteria" goes crazy. She said I should try a probiotic to balance out the bacteria. I started eating a serving of just yogurt (instead of the probiotic) a day and after five days, no more odor behind my ears....yippee! She told me to keep eating it for 60- - 90 days to make sure the bacteria balance was in check. After years of this problem, just eating yogurt once a day cured it! Amazing. I hope this helps some of you with this problem. I know it did help me as it is the only thing that I am currently doing differently.
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Put deodorant behind there and wash it then you'll be fine mine has never smelled like that
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its normal, dont put deodorant there! Behind your ears is one of the places where your pheromones are secreted. The places are ears, neck, armpits, genitals. Pheromones are crucial to attract a mate, they are analysed by the other person's brain subconsciously and contain information about your blood type and immune system. Without it, no one can fall in love with you.
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