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Recently I have moved out of my parents' home and now live by myself in my own private apartment.

I am a guy and, ever since I joined this site about a year ago, I have seen constant posts about putting things in asses. So I thought I might as well give it a try.

I have this vibrating thing. About the length of a middle finger. Attached to it is a chord which leads to another thing that controls the intensity of the vibrations.

Anyway. It doesn't stimulate me. I thought it would make me cum profusely. Nothing.
is it because the vibrator is too small? Should I buy a slightly longer, thicker dildo?

I just want to try cum uncontrollably from it one time. Then I will quite, I swear.
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Comments (6)
Butt vibrators suck. Older women are the best fucks. Show one of them your boner. She will want to fuck it.
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You are a faggot for having a size 9 foot. That's fucking small for a male.
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Whoa whoa now, dont insult my awesome sized foot. Your just mad that he called you a faggot lol

If you like it, then who cares what he thinks. Emrace your fking self
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You should put in in your arse and submerge the other end in water
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It may not be in your G spot.
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Where is this G spot then? Because I stuck it everywhere. I even used the handle of a spatula (cover with a plastic bag) but still no luck.
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