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The joint in my hip pops all the time
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For the past year or so, I've come to realize that everytime I lift my right leg and then put it down, my hip pops. It feels almost like the ball and socket joint is loose or something. It doesn't usually hurt though. But i could lift my leg up and down over and over and its just goes pop pop pop pop pop. I've asked my mom and all of my friends if theirs pops like that and only one friend can do that too, but not as frequently as mine. Is it a rare girl thing with our hips or does it happen to a lot of people???
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I have the SAME problem, right hip being the one that pops. Mine especially pops from the motion of doing bicycle-style abdominal crunches. I saw an orthopedist and he said that it is caused by poor pelvic stability. Try this: Lie down on the floor (not the bed) on your back, ankles UNcrossed. Have a friend gently hold down your left hip at the point where the hip sticks up the most. He/she should not let your hip rise off the floor when you perform the next step. Now you move your right leg to see if it still pops. If it magically makes the situation better, it's pelvic stability issues and you can google physical therapy exercises for that. If it doesn't make a difference, I don't know what to tell you. Hope it helps though!
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Oh, and I forgot to mention that a popping joint is different from a clicking joint. Clicking usually is indicative of muscle weakness/instability around the joint. Popping is more benign - like popping your knuckles or something.
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id pop ur hips!
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My hip joints pop a lot, especially after I've been sitting for a long period of time, like at work or on the bus.
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that happens to me a lot, idk what it is but my doctor said as long as its not very painful im fine
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My hip does that all the time. Only my right hip. It is a result of loose joints due to overstretching from my cheerleading. Yours could be from a sport u play. Or it could be genetic disorder with your joints. If it becomes a problem a doctor can give u something for it. Make sure you take a daily vitamin, it helps with joint health.
Your welcome!
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my friends a doctor and he said no
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Mine clicks with every step, and after a long day standing up my hips (esp. the right) start going caaa-RUNCH! every time I move. I can also pop them anytime I want. Once the right one stopped bearing weight, too. It's not normal... it scares people I know! So I asked a couple of doctors, and now I'm supposed to get an x-ray to check if I have a displaysia or something. It's a mis-shape of the hip joint that can occur in girls, and if it's not found and operated on soon enough, you have to get fake hips real early in life. And if you can't afford them, you just have to hobble around in pain until you qualify to get government-funded hips! So get your hips examined!
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It's not ONLY my right. It's my right and left hip that pops. Whenever I lift, jump, or anything that involves me moving my legs, it pos. It started about 2 years ago, when i was running track. It really doesn't hurt. I'm going to see a doctor but I don't know when. But until what's wrong with me?
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hey girls, for me poping at rightleg started when i was 19 now i am 25 all my joints pops and some joints giving pain, u all are at initial stage with proper diet u can stop ur joint damage in future. Stop having coke, tea coffee like drinks and prossed foods and red meat, if u want u can take little bit not as main diet.
Nothing happens without any reason, Watch ur diet, all girls are going to be moms in future
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@: rajani
Tea is definitely fine to drink. It's rather good for you actually.
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