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The scent of my girlfriend drives me crazy,iin?
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I LOVE to smell my girlfriend all over...and i swear her pheromones do something to me......they make me stupid and weak....submissive..and i feel a sort of not very subtle "high" from it.i love to smell her arm pit,her butt,her crotch,her feet...those are my favorite places to sniff.sometimes its really embarrasing...she uses it as a reward.she says "if u clean the house,ill sit on your face and let u sniff my butt 4 as long as you want" so of course i get right to it.she gags me by holding my nose and mouth shut with her dirty socks and panties...its scary because im 2 "high" to fight back...sometimes i annoy her with it and she lets me...well...she makes me smell her friends all over which is so hot...i feel really guilty but she says she loves to see me smell other women and get lost in it and become a completely mindless drone......hhhmmmm...anyone else get messed up on pheromones?
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she needs to write a book on how she does and go on Oprah to explain How To Control Your Man
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