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There's a hair on the sole of my foot
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It's thick and black, like an armpit hair or a pube. Or my dog's fur. I'm not sure if it's actually growing out of my foot or if a pube or dog hair just got lodged in my foot like a splinter somehow. Neither of those explanations really makes much sense. It looks like there's at least a few millimeters of it under my skin and I don't think hair grows from that deep inside you even if you are a mutant with a hair follicle on the sole of your foot, but how would a pube or dog hair get lodged that deep when the skin on the sole of my foot is really thick and hair isn't that sharp?

Is there a normal explanation for this?
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Hello! have you tried to pluck it? if its growing there it should be an obvious pain when you do (don't trim it, cause if it is a splinter, you're going to leave a lot in there to keep irritating you) - pull a hair out of your head first to get the idea ;D

I have had a hair splinter from my cat and he has an amazingly soft coat, even I was surprised. It happened while I was doing my dishes in bare feet, I swore it was a piece of glass but I pulled it out (slid right out, didn't hurt coming out, just going in), and there it was!
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@: Anywho
I had a splinter from my boyfriend's beard once.
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If its not a hair splinter then eww. That shit is gross and it needs to be sergically removed. You didnt mention anything about pain so you might need to seek a legit hair removal professional
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Lol, it's probably just a hair splinter. I get them all the time (3 dogs and a cat that all shed like crazy) and they usually hurt just like a wood splinter.
It happens.
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I was thinking Morgellon's disease, but it's hard to be sure on that. Have you seen a doctor?
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This is so odd if its a issue just take it out .
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Simple explanation. You'be been masturbating too much. It makes you grow hair on the palms of your hands and soles of your feet. Also you'll go blind.
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