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Things arouse me contrary to my orientation?
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I'm straight (girls don't do anything for me, but guys with no shirts are HOT! know the old spice man? oh my god) but I enjoy watching gay porn. Not lesbian porn, that bores me, but gay anal porn. I also enjoy it very much when it hurts. I also like watching hentai rape porn. Same with bestiality porn (animals having sex with women). I feel so dirty and sick, cause I know it's wrong, especially to enjoy the pain and humiliation, and I know i would never do any of that stuff myself. i think i enjoy the subjection and the power control, and just one person "winning" and being in control, though I believe sex should be a communication of love and trust in real life. I also oppose porn on moral grounds (i think it degrades people, especially women). i fell so guilty and disgusting too. is this normal?
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i dont know if your male or female so i can awnser the guy porn thing second i like rape porn and bestiality i like watching them scream and cry and bestiality turns me on as much as the rape porn im male and i think this is normal
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Um you're gay
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