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My buddy grossed me out the other night when he called me to ask if I wanted to get together with him and his new black girlfriend. Like a threesome fuck fest. I turned him down and I hear that he is telling people that I might be gay. Turning down free pussy is gay, according to him. Seems to me dipping my cock in another guy's semen is about as gay as you can get. What the hell turns on a guy who I know is not gay to want to share his woman with another guy? And why would anybody think I must be gay because that kind of thing really fucking creeps me out? Is he normal and I am not?
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His girlfriend must want it and he's trying to please her. Calling you gay is probably just a tactic to divert attention from himself and the fact he wanted a threesome with another guy in the first place.
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^ Well said

He doesn't really think you are gay. Calling you one is his defense mechanism
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You are normal. I don't blame you for opting out.
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You're normal. Lots of people aren't into the threesome thing. Especially with someone of the same sex. You're friends just a jerk.
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Why does he want to see you naked?. That's weird.
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You're totally normal! Sharing is a big turnoff for me personally.
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My guess is that this is HIS fantasy, and the girl is just a slut up for anything.

Unless you are into guys, you are normal.

Guys are mostly 1 or 0. Even most guys that claim to be bi-sexual will ultimately choose to stay with gay.

Girls are very different, though. They can be quite fluid between male and female.
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