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To be angry at someone so much, but once you see them youre not angry?
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I have a bestfriend who i look up to so much. but some things they do just piss me off, and i'm not the type of person to use cyberspace as a remote of conflict and resolving problems. but once i see them its like, i feel that i should tell them about it. but it seems less importan. when im with them its like if i say it, then i may lose them. i'm kinda scared if the shit i bring up means nothing to them, when it means alot to me. i duno is it normal to feel so angry, but when you see them you just feel somewhat happy but the feeling of anger is still there but not as important.
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I get this too with my best friend. Sometimes i am so angry at her, and want to say things to her but then when i spend time with her it doesn't come to mind to be angry any more until I'm gone
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thank you :)
but i'm really over coming home and feeling happy then sometime later it starts happening again :(
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Haha! I'm the same with my husband. I'll be so pissed a him, and come up with some big speech where I'm gonna tell him where to shove it, then he comes home, and I'm so happy to see him I forget that I was mad.

When he goes again though, I remember why I was mad, and it starts all over again.
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its soo annoying but hahaha.
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I have the complete opposite problem. I love & miss my bf when away but when I see him we always end up fighting
It's heartbreaking.
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It's normal, I feel this way with one person in my life. I almost always forget why I was upset or angry at them in the first place. It's just their company that makes me too darn happy to stay mad at them
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