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Ask your question today! feel ugly if I stand next to asian girls with my boyfriend
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I am with an asian boy now for one month not long, but we really love each other. Yes I am a white girl maybe strange for some but also for some other girls a hope that also asian boys are intrested in caucasian girls
But the point of my question is.. If I am on the way with my boyfriend we meet a lot asian girls and everytime we meet them, only looking, I wanna dissapear. I always feel ugly fat and so on. I am chubby yes.. maybe not really chubby but not 90-60-90 xD
I always was self confident and never had problems with boys.. but until I am with him my self confidence disseapered like a soap bubble. Also he looks perfect, he is always styled perfect, and then the lil ugly girl come. haha always feel like shit.
But all in all don´t think he didn´t realized. sometimes I said ( for example his mother said that he has so much unluck that he didn´t get a asian girlfriend) " oh hm I understand, also asian girls are much more beautiful" and he always say no.. you are more.. but haha always so cute but...
is it normal that I always feel so shitty when an asian beautiful girl stand next to us. Nothing gainst asian girls I can be really jealous because they are so gorgeous ^_^ wish I would be one, so his mother would accept me haha xD
pls help meee
and sorry for the horrible english but I am germanxD

bye byee
your Neko-chan
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Your problem doesn't lie with Asian girls, but with your own horrible sef-esteem. It's normal for someone with low self-confidence to be comparing yourself to others and worrying about what your boyfriend thinks, but look at the facts: your boyfriend chose YOU to be with. Not an Asian girl. And if your insecurity lies in your weight, there are ways of addressing that. Try and find ways to increase your self-confidence and these insecurities will fade.
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I always was self-confident but now after I met him. But how you said I have to work on my problems really thank you for reading my story ^-^
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Well asian parents usually want there kids to date people who are their heritage but it's jst a cutural thing (that's unless ur rly smart or something). But dw, they will accept you regardless (eventually). Girls will always compare urself with other girls so it's natural to b a little jealous/envious but he likes you not the other girls, so don't worry bout it.

One of the azn guys i noe dated this white girl and they wer impressed with him and i cud hear them going on and on about it. So ur bf shud consider himself lucky ;D.
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I know that Asian girls are very beautiful. Actually I have a hand full of good female Asian friends. But they never made me feel ugly, insecure, inferior, nor jealous. I think I look attractive in other ways. I am Caucasian/Hispanic, small and slim. Besides Asians are usually very friendly and they think Europeans/ Americans are exotic because we look very different. They often compliment on my looks (more than in western countries). Actually they would like to look Western too, just look at their manga and fashion magazines, they also often dye their hairs brown, blond or red. So it's perfectly normal to want to look like another race. Your insecure feelings aren't normal though. You should change your looks if you feel unsatisfied or ugly. Change hairstyle, clothes, make-up, go on a diet, sport, but nothing extreme. Otherwise just accept who you are and befriend those Asian girls. I am sure they will tell you how gorgeous you look and how they wished blond hair or blue eyes or whatever way you look.
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Aww. You gave very good advice. I loved it
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Very normal. Girls are jealous machines like that. Especially if they are next to a more attractive one.
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I used to wish every night to wake up asian and sexy, or sometimes black with a HUGE afro....but it never happeneed(obv)... get used to being the race you are lol its nada gunna change (im a cracker)
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My ex of three years was asian, and he did not find asian girls attractive, AT ALL. No matter how beautiful they were he just did not like them. My impression is that this isn't uncommon. Hope that helps, and good luck with the mother lol asian mothers are nightmares about their sons.
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Hehe I am an Asian girl. but I find myself repulsive, flat and to skinny. No one ever said I was gorgeous ...but the uh white people they have beautiful hair wavy straight or curly and there are just some beautiful shades of color in ur hair sometimes I wish I could be white
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I am female 6'0 about 250 lbs admittedly I am a girl or Amazon proportions. My hands and feet are HUGE. I don't think I am ugly, just big and tall I have nice hair and cute face. Asian girls while I love to look at them kinda make feel like crap too they look perfect little dolls and have tiny feet, I totally understand how you feel and I think its normal
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@n0TaNiceGirl haa I really know how you feel becase I also think about mee.. it is really bad sometimes.. but I think at the end we shouldn´t loose our self confidence.. I will learn to handle my unsureness also.. whattawagglehips is right. i am jealous in some ways becuase I know even if I will lose weight I never will look like them and never his mum will accept me really because I am german and not asien
but all in all our bodys are okay.. we shouldn´t say we ar ugly only because we look different. I think i learned fromm all the answes ^^
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come on . im an asian and I always feel less than confident when i sit next to an attractive white girl.

From my experience when a asian boy prefers white women he just prefers white women. HE OBVIOUSLY PREFERS YOU.

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ur just weird date another race i prefer black guy but he has to be hot or date white / hispanic because yur current beau the maynot be a good choice he DOESNT APPRECIATE YOU .
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