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To smell random smells
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Is it normal that my hands start to smell like steak pudding after i smell them for a while? I only realized a today + im quite freaked out because i start to smell it in the air, but there r no traces of it being cooked, and i havnt even had it for years + years. ??? :S
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Comments (6)
that happens to me,randomly somewhere it will smell like cherry or cinnamon but there is no traces of it
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I can sometimes smell random smells from years ago. Like when I used to ride horses. I can actually picture it and "smell" it (the barn) in my mind. That was years ago. It's odd how I can do this, lol.
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yes it's normal, happens to me all the time.
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Lol yh, tht happens sumtimes aswell, but no-one else can smell it....just me :S lol
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what's steak pudding? lol
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I can't stop smelling my nostrils, is there something wrong with me?
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