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Too large a vulva?
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Is it normal for a woman to keep her vulva moist via a creme during the day for comfort?
My wife has the largest vulva I have ever seen.
The vulva, that part of flappy tissue that sticks out from a woman's c*nt, is mostly external. I walked in the bathroom one day after she got out of the shower and she was rubbing herself facing away from the doorway. She was carefully rubbing herself with this stuff. I thought she was masterbating and stopped because she saw me. She told me that she rubbed herself with this ointment to keep from being made uncomfortable during the day wearing tight clothing. My wife does have a huge vulva. It is a big turn-on to me; it sticks out an inch or more. She told me that doing this kept her vulva from becoming dry and slightly painful. She told me that she puts this on at night right before bed and in the AM. (I had noticed that when I give her oralsex, she tastes sweet at first, but I have never said anything) My question is other women do this or am I being naive?
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My wife has a large vulva as well and a large clit as well. like 1 1/2" long clit when aroused. It's hot because she easily has multiple orgasms and it's fun to lick and suck on!
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All the women in my life have very large labia and clits. Our family thought nothing of nudity at home so I saw there vulvas a lot. My three sisters, my mom, and now my wife, all use fragrance-free lotions on their labia and clits to keep them from drying, which they all say is uncomfortable and sometimes painfull. My wife and two of my sisters cannot wear snu panties or jeans because of the discomfort and, especially because their large clits get aroused and cause frequent orhasms. Genearlly, they wear dresses and skirts without panties. Shaved vulvas reduce the discomfort, too.

Three or four times a week I rub lotion on my wife's labia and clit as fore play to our incredible sex.
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Like "Denver," growing up and now we are nudists. My two sisters and I were more than well adjusted to the human body as we matured. My mother and sisters have large vulvas, labia, and clitoris, almost swollen in apperance. My wife and daughters are the same. Actually our 4 daughters have larger labia (4"+) and clitoris (more like a small penis, up to 2" when they are aroused) than the other women in both families. My, mother and sisters have 2-3" labis and 1/2 - 1" clitoris. All of the women used unscented lotions, like your women. My mother and sisters never had nearly as much pubic hair as my wife and daughters, though. My wife and I discovered the solution about 25 years ago when we started to completely shave our pubic hair as part of fore play. Because she enjoyed the bare feeling, she hasn't worn panties since then and her vulva and clitoris do not get dry or irritated anymore. Our daughters also shave now and go without panties. If they wear tight jeans, which is infrequent, they don silk or satin g-strings or thongs. If any of them wear shorts, they are loose and do not require the thongs, altough loose fitting shorts can be hazardous because they can easily give others a view of their vulvas. I can't remember the last time any of them wore shorts or jeans, though.

Shortly after my parents and sisters saw us bald, they started to completely shave, too, for comfort and pleasure.

I have always enjoyed my wife's large vulva and clitoris during sex. Oral sex is such a pleasure for both of us. She is the only woman I have (oral and) vaginal sex with who can orgasm when I am inside her. Her clitoris is easy to rub with my penis as I thrust in and out of her vagina. Likewise, her large labia provide sensations that bring both of us to orgasm easily.

I consider myself fortunate to have such beautiful women surrounding me. All of my women have the most gorgeous genitals. My wife has women friends who have had labiaplasty to reduce their labia sizes. She has seen the results and is appalled. Why do wome do that?
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I do it sometime not all time
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i have a large vulva and a large clit. sometimes when i wear tight clothing it can rub and catch me. very soar. so it makes sense that she puts cream on it. but she also could of been playing wiv herself. wiv a lush pussy like that do ya blame her :D
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poolboy....cum my way hehehe
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yes...the big vulva question...Michele too has a large vulva which i enjoy very much in many occasions.
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That's so interesting. I have a large vulva and I'm always embarrassed of myself and that's one of the reason why I was researching about it. I'm married and my husband always says how much he likes it. I always thought he was saying that to make me feel better about myself. I'm really glad to see that guys do like it.
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What creams do you ladies use?
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used up coochie needs da creame.
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