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Touching myself while sleepin?!?
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Ok, so the other night I had come home both very tired and very horny.
Sleep won and I decided to "forget" sexual desires. Now, this is kind of a thing of mine but every night, no fail, I have a dream. This particular night, I didn't. I fell into a very deep sleep and while sleeping, I "felt" someone touching me. It felt as if I was half-councious or something like that. It was very sexual.
When I awoke, I noticed that my covers had been thrown off (something that never happens,) my shirt was lifted to reveal my breasts, my nipples were erect and sore, and my lips were red and slightly bruised.
The other thing is that I lock my door every night. It's second nature, and I distinctly remember locking it.
When I got up and checked though, my door was closed, but unlocked.

Did someone come in at night or was I just so sleepy and horny that I forgot to lock the door and touched myself in sleep?

I would like to add that I find this experience creepy, humorous and sexually arousing.

Please comment! I would like to know if I'm going crazy...
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Comments (4)
Was anybody in the house smiling more the usual the next morning?
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Thats hot. You're hot
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You might of played with yourself
all through your sleep and cummed
that's why your so sore and bruised
maybe no one touched you But i bet
your nipples and peach taste very good mmmmmmmmmm!!
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"I know nothing!!"
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