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Ugly people.
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Why do people hate ugly people? It's not exactly a person's fault if they aren't good-looking.
I mean if there are people who let themselves go and don't try anything to help themselves out then it's understandable.

But what about the people who try with their appearance? I know there are some people out there who do it because they are self-conscious about their own looks. But what about the people who aren't? The ones who know they are good-looking but hate ugly people because they are ugly?

This is a serious question too. So please answer seriously.
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Comments (13)
Wel it started as a genetic thing but nowadays judging someone for there apperance sake is moronic and sintomatic with ass-like behavior.

Most ppl do it to get some sort of wierd ego boost from making fun of others.

peace JAH bless
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It reflects shallowness of a person to hate someone because they may not appear normally attractive to them. I'm guessing more than half the population of the world, is well, not that attractive. What one may find as good looking, another person may not. Unattractiveness has many factors such as one not having proper hygiene, bad genetics, unconventional looks and/or deformities. It also doesn't make someone any better to make fun of a person who is sloven over a person with a deformity. So really, it's all subjective. Sometimes jealously, envy, or self hate to act against people that are said to be "ugly".
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When you meet someone for the first time, the first thing you look at tends to be their face. So when you see someone with a birth mark or pasty freckled face with ginger hair, you tend to take offense at this and find yourself physically repulsed by there very presence.

However, I would hope that must people will take the time to get to know someone before deciding that they don't like someone for real.

Because after all beauty really is only skin deep, which is lucky for all you ugly people.
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think it's cruel to be mean to people because of there apperance, tbh I couldn't care less what people on this site have to say about apperances cause there probably insecure about there own looks and take it out on others. If you notice not many people put up pictures of themselves, for some people it's simply cause they don't want to but for those who ridicule others looks and do not have a picture themselves makes me think they can dish out the dirt but don't want any back!
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I think the profile pic thing is simply because they don't want recognised in the street. When you think of some of the answers we all give, would that really surprise you? lmao. Not me.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is only skin deep anyway. Don't matter how you wrap it, as long as what is being wrapped is beautiful, nothing else matters really, now does it!
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I don't know what position I have to answer this, since I don't necessarily hate people if they're ugly. And I'm considered to be pretty good-looking.

But people don't like ugly people because we tend to look at people with better appearances longer, and vice versa. Even babies do. People like looking at things that are aesthetically pleasing, and this includes people. Ugly features (as subjective as they are) tend to avert people from looking.

Also, we can't spend a lifetime getting to know every stranger and acquaintance that crosses our paths, so we do the best we can by what they look like.
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Well you wouldnt understand us good looking people keep a tight circle,It goes the other way too ugly people dont like us good looking people and with any chance they hate on us so be it
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Well you have those people that are run of the mill good looking... all the blonde floozies with an inch of makeup on (not all the blondes just some) those people stick together. But then you have the ones that are truly mind blowing and I find they are usually loners because everyone is intimidated by them. They are the ones that make you melt when you look at them.
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First impressions count yo.
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I love your comments on Ugly People. It makes me more sympathetic for those ugly people that choose to pick up an assault weapon and commit mass murder against you hateful bastards. God bless every single ugly person that has ever murdered an egostistical, vain, low life.
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well i wouldnt say i 'hate' them because hate is a strong word i hate people like my father

i am mean to them and make fun of girls i think are ugly but i dont hate them

i dunno why either i'd just see an ugly girl and get an urge to make fun of her but i dont anymore because a girl i used to make of committed suicide when most of the town (the young people around my age anyway) made fun of her for being ugly and her family is now screwed up from it so i dont call people ugly to their faces anymore
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I too hate ugly people. Not only are they unpleasant to look at, but they also much more obsessed with looks than other people and in a negative way. For example they have pre-conceived notions about people who are better looking than them and will try to twist reality to fit these notions like some of them will believe someone else either stupid or mal-adjusted or something else negative simply because that person is better looking than they are, and they don't bother to actually figure out whether this is the case or not. They also have this schadenfraude thing where they comfort themselves by thinking that other person's looks will fade with time or things along those lines. If you are ugly when you're young , you'll be even uglier when you're older, the fact that the people around you who are better looking than you will also be less better looking, does not mean you'll "catch up" - you'll still be uglier, get over it. If you are good looking, don't bother trying to make friends with ugly people, just be polite to them and walk away. They are uncomfortable to be around and they are nauseating to look at. They often have some kind of chip on their shoulder to where you have to flatter them all the time for them to be even civil to you. You give them a few false compliments and they smile that stupid smile and suddenly try to be nice to you, and you can even see when the effect of the last compliment runs out because they go back to being jerks so you compliment them again and suddenly they are nice again for a while. Idiots! They are such a pain in the neck that even if you are trying to do business with them their crazy insecurities and attitudes towards people who look better than them get in the way. In life you'll have a much easier time if you stick with people who are at least as good looking as you. If you are going to hang out with people who are better looking than you then you had better have sorted out whatever jealousy and self esteem issues that might prevent you from behaving like a normal human being towards people who are better looking than you. I hate ugly people, they think that because they feel sorry for themselves then they have the right to be jerks. So on top of being offensive to look at, they are also offensive to be around. Double Yuck! Yes, I hate ugly people.
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let some ugly people answer Ive got classic chiseled looks and a dimple in my chin that makes the ladies SWOOOOOON!
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