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Unisex toilets
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Was in town with my mum doing Christmas shopping with her. Mum asked if I would like something to eat.we found this lovely restaurant in Liverpool one shopping centre.after eating I required to use the toilet.I entered walked in pass the cubicles around the corner to urinals started to pee when a lady opened the door of 1 of the cubicles washed her hands in sink directly in front of me if it wasn't for the chest high wall and urinal she would have seen me peeing is this normal unisex toilets
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Isn't that what the "chest high wall" is for?
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Do they actually have urnials in unisex bathrooms?
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Yes in this 1 anyway urinals but both male and female use the cubicles
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Very common we have unisex toilets in work.did raise a few complaints at first but it normal every day practice now .i have never seen any male colleagues cocks pity but a couple have seen me pulling my skirt down
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Yes but what if a woman doesn't lock the door I was facing them
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