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Is it okay that I don't want feel like working yet? I'll be 20 in two months(applied for one job but it they didn't called me)idk why I'm like this,There are times that I'm fine, but mostly I'm tired of life..My shyness destroyed the big part of my life, I wanted to do many things but I didn't..I losed faith in myself,have one friend, sometimes we see each other,.. all normal people my age go to college,or work, I just sit at home yeah I do those house things..but it's nothing. I totally imagined my life after school differently, I thought that I'd change, but no, I'm still very quiet,it kills me.
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You seem like you dont want change.

Imagine working, having contact with people almost every day. Having money to spent.

Or just keep it like that, stay antisocial and sit and home and waste your time. ive been the same but i got a job and now everything is better
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You hate yourself because you don't do anything. That's what's killing you. You need to realize that you have to get uncomfortable and suffer a little, if you want anything worth having in this life.
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There is a company that works via the internet that tutors struggling students and also help them on a psychological level.
If you were really good at school subjects, why don't you apply for a job like that?
Boom. Two birds.
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I feel the same way. I'm turning 20 in May. Anyways, we'll get through this together. You're not alone. You're not useless. You're just lost. Find yourself. Mental health is very important. I feel like I need to work on my mental health before I actually work. Without a healthy, positive mentality...I'd be hopeless, depressed, weak, insecure, a Debbie Downer, etc. Stay strong!
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Your only 20 your still young you have plenty of time to figure things out take time to take care of yourself its important.
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