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Vagina Envy
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Girls, help me out.
I don't know what it is but I wish more than anything I had a vagina instead of my d***. It's so annoying. Yeah I know I can pee easire, but if I get hard in publicc its disgusting. I seriously want a vagina.
I know I can have a sex change but still I would rather be naturally a girl.
Well sadly I'm stuck the way i am, but is this normal or really weird.
I wish I had a vagina.!
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Don't worry about getting erections in public. Every teenage guy gets erections when they don't want them, and nobody has any reason to give you shit about it, unless they are just mean. It's healthy and good to get erections, and it's not even noticable, unless you wear tight pants and tuck in all of your shirts. Just don't tuck in your shirts, and nobody will know anyways. If a girl sees you with a boner, she might even find that arousing. It's not disgusting.

As for wishing you had a vagina, you will probably learn to appreciate your penis more with experience. You're normal, but you just have a bad attitude about your penis.
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i have a vagina but i want a penis a really big one this big bigger
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It is normal, both women and men in some cases but not all have the same problems you have right now. There are women who wish they had a penis and men (like you) a vagina. Nothing to feel bad about or like other have said here "sick", you are just passing through a moment where you are deciding what you will become in the future. It is impossible for you to become a real girl, but things are changing fast, you can take hormones, do a sex change, but you must be sure for what you will do. Who knows, maybe science will change fast in the future.

In other words, you are normal.
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Oh my God. Why are so many people being so mean? Is there something I missed in the terms and conditions that says you have to be an dickhead on this site?

You might not be, but it sounds to me like you're transgender. If you are, then why the fuck is that anything to be ashamed of? If you want to be a girl, then that's just the way you are: a girl in a boy's body. There are girls who want to be boys too. Jesus Christ, it is NOTHING to be ashamed of.

I'm a girl, by the way. And I can understand why you'd want to be one.
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Thanks Gingerbreadman, you came out of a fucking oven, dumbass!
As for the post, I am 14 years old a boy, and want a vagina OK?
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Yo, BO, it%%u2019s just a teen thing. Not incredibly common, but common enough. Hormones are raging and you are struggling with your identity. Why do you want a vagina? Vaginas have more problems than peni do. Take all that comes with the monthly flow for example. With a boner in public, you can just not stand for a while as you think of a pile of dung or something, unless you are into scat%%u2026 But girls can get caught off guard by their period too, especially the first one. Imagine being out in a dress when you suddenly start bleeding everywhere%%u2026.
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just go wank
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Damn... Why would you want a vagina?
Cause of an occassional boner?

Cause like having a vagina and a uterus and a pair of tits is like a walk in the park.

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ALL guys want a vagina - CONSTANTLY!


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Is this a post by Shaka_Zulu ?
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Rogers covered it
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try drag you'll like it.i wonder what it would be like to be a guy,but no dont think i'd want to have the job full time.
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I am straight and I would like a vagina for a week. Just to see what it's like. I think having a vagina would be 10x easier because no boners, better masterbation, and size doesn't matter but I would hate periods. Now I don't want to be a girl. I just would like a vag for like a week because I think there better than a penis. Plus sex toys are easy to get for vag
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It's normal for many of us. In my case I'm transsexual and look forward to completing my transition in the future. My ugly penis will soon be a beautiful vagina... :-)
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Hi ... I think it's normal, honey. I'm 19 and sooo glad I have a vagina and I always have been. I can stay hot for soooo much longer than the men in my life. Too bad for them, baby. Kisses, Deb ...
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how old are you??
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yeah very normal. cept we have a longer distance to travel. Cut it off!
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thats weird.
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I'm not female, but I still think you're wierd. You should be proud of your equipment, and if you get hard in public, find a seat and wait it out if possible, otherwise show your horn with pride.
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thats fucked up
how would u plan on pissing in a urinal?
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Dude. I may be a gingerbread man but I'm still proud of my cock. You on the other hand. Your a 14 year old transie. That's fucked. I mean is this post serious? Is it normal? More like do you need hospitalizarion mofo.
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