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Water going down the wrong pipe
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My friend said that when he swallows water that goes down the "wrong pipe" he can hear it swishing and slopping around in his gut. WTF? IIN?
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Comments (7)
If it's in his gut it's not the wrong pipe.
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I can hear it too if I drink a lot. But if it really went down the wrong pipe, he couldn't breathe.
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Usually whenever ppl say "it went down the wrong pipe", liquid gets into the wind pipe and they start coughing like crazy.

Scratchy throat, watery eyes, coughing up a lung... only lasts about 30 seconds, but still, its pretty uncomfortable.

Sounds like you both are drinking normally, though.
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Agreed with Randomjelly, I think your friend might have his sayings mixed up
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U r dumb
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The esophagus is the only tube there is for your water to go down so trust me: it went down the right tube.
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Breathe or swallow. You cant do both...

...Fuck you Mubarak!
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