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Weed is clearly a drug, IIN?
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Ok, so my question is pretty basic, is it normal I get irritated when people say "I don't do drugs, I smoke weed?" I myself smoke weed, but just like plants were they original opiates, weed and basically anything that causes any change to the mind are classified as drugs. Just like I don't understand the phrase drugs and alcohol, this friend of mine was like, alcohols a drug? Well, I mean, isn't that evident?
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Yes it normal to think that, a lot of people dont realize that just because you smoke it or its basically harmless like weed that its still a drug and so is alcohol. A lot of my friend act like this too there just ignorant.
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You are clearly soooo much smarter than them. Which means you are better. Be sure to tell everyone.
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Marijuana is an herb,and can be used in many ways... The government has known since 1974 that it is a cure for cancer,they also have a registered patent to marijuana... These are known facts... The war on drugs is a war on we the people..
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What would you expect from potheads?
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Marijuana is a drug and destroys lives
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Hahaha alcohol is technically a drug. Anything that alters your state of mind is a drug. People that say weed isn't a drug are stupid as fuck
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Have fun getting assraped in jail.
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