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What is considered a long hug?
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When hugging a friend what would be considered to long of a hug...might it mean there was some other kind of feeling there, the longer the hug lasts? is it normal to hug a friend for 20secs?
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"Normal" is about three seconds. Anything less and you're going to look like you're just humoring the person. Anything more and you want something.

If you're hugging someone of the opposite sex for twenty seconds and that person isn't screaming for help by the time you let go, you're married.
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I've hugged with someone for close to an hour..
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There seems like a few ways to go here:

1. If motion stops (no back-patting, etc.,) or you start to relax (getting comfortable) for more than about 1/2 second

2. If the hug progresses tightens, or includes suggestive rubbing, say, of the very lower back

3. if there is a hint of coercion -- that is one person trys to withdraw, but the other resists

Anyway, in any of these situations, something more than "hello" or "goodbye" is going on, and 20 seconds sounds plenty long enough to accomplish something.
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i hate this my girlfriend used to do it to her friend who was a boy and it used to drive me mad then well she left me and went after him so yeah in my eyes a long hug means somthing else
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the longest hug ive had is with my best friend (boy) and it lasted 1 minute
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20 seconds means very very VERY close friends or wanna-be-together friends.
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over five minutes
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Hey; friends are friends. Sometimes love happens. Hugging a friend is alright and it doesn't really matter how long. I guess you're asking if you're in love. Well-only way to find out is to look at your heart, their heart. Think really hard, try to find out, try to find any flicker of "something", and find out. How long you hug won't affect everything, it's what's in your head, heart, and in the hug itself. You are the only one who has the answer, go find out, go for it. :)
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My niece is age 16 I am a male age 41, She hugs me cause, She says i am very cuddly
But this disturbs me cause after she does
I always catch her fingering her self under the blanket while watching t.v.
She came to the point , Of admitting to me
that hugging me makes her hot down there
i know after she leaves the living room
The room smells of musky odor and sex smell
she has gave me dirty notes of me and her
f*cking But I try to ignore them
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I cant believe you wrote this on here so publicly about me!
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20 sces is a while i think if both of you don't resist you got something.
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Hey, I hug everyone for like, 10s when they leave the house lol

Watch him/her hugging other people. The amount of time may vary, but if it is significantly longer when he/she hugs you then something might be going on.
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2-3 sec
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You sound like wanna-be-togheter-buddies
Either do something, or stop being friends... Before it gets totally awkward.
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I like long hugs.
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I pretend I don't like hugs, as I don't want to appear soppy. but deep down I really like a big lingering squeeze
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