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What is something that is your pet peeve?
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Mine are:

Anyone that litters which I consider selfish and rude, this includes any smokers that litter their cigarette butts and wrappers etc.

People that are not honest with what the truth is over something because it does not suit their argument and when you point that out they try to make you the bad person.

What are yours?
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The term "pet peeve" drives me nuts, why is that a thing and not just referred to as an "annoyance".

Not going to lie but i flick cigarette buts out the window on city streets, but would never do that at the beach or in parks! My cigaretes are rolled (injected) by a machine and constitute only paper, cotton, and tobacco and biodegrade realtively quickly. Not a fan of nonbiodegradable litter.

I mostly don't get mad about things people do if it doesnt hurt others. If you are cruel to women or children or animals i will judge the fuck out of you but i guess that goes beyond, "pet peeves."
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I don't like any littering even if it is biodegradable littering or not. Do your cigarettes not have the plastic filter?

I get mad at people that are cruel to anyone not just women but men also as men don't deserve it either as well as children and animals.
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Indeed, zero plastic in my cigaretes. Once again i repeat, they constitute only of cotton paper and tobacco. Yes, i suppose i would be annoyed at mean people in general regardless of their direction. I have zero minor grievances, only major ones. Apologies if i am of no help.
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The term pet peeve is a very common term to use. Lol we all use it.
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I HATE it when people say "And uh" when they talk like saying "Blah blah blah and uh blah blah blah", when I hear it I feel a surge of rage followed by an urge to kill the person which I wouldn't do of course.
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I hate when people repeat themselves over and over. I also hate when people say someone was hung to death when the proper way is to say it is hanged to death.
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