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I am 40 years old woman having three kids.I bath 8-10 times a day ,does not allow anyone to enter my kitchen.If something Falls on clothes I wash it.If someone sits on my sofa,I wash it.I don't want anyone to come to my house.I scold kids for nothing. I don't know ,if why do I do all this? I am high BP patient and hence my husband keeps calm.Can anyone help me suggesting right treatment or getting good doctor.......Please.
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I want to get rid of it.My family and relatives are disturbed.Can anyone suggest suitable remedy?
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Put dog poo in your hair and leave it in there for a day. That should cure you.
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Speak to your doctor and get a referral if necessary: you don't have to live with this and neither does your family - up to you to do something about it and seeking real help (as opposed to on IIN) is the first step you need to take
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See a psychiatrist, the problem is in your head.
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Eh, sounds like Germophobia along with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to me... (NOT a Doctor)
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The easiest way to get over your maniac behaviour is to buy some anti- depressant pills, more commonly referred to as "chill pills", that way you will feel relaxed and not have the urge to constantly "clean" things!

If you do not have access to medical aid, buy yourself some marijuana and roll a joint or three, smoke them in quick succession of one another and sit back and chill!
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Thanks to all.
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Admit yourself to a psychiatric hospital, that or get a therapist
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